The Surgery A plastic surgeon can help you choose the appropriate size of breast implant, taking into consideration individual factors and personal preferences. The implant is placed either under or over the pectoral (chest) muscle.
A breast implant is a silicone shell filled with either silicone gel or salt-water (normal saline solution).

Mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.
The method of inserting and positioning the implant will depend on your anatomy and your surgeonís recommendation.

The incision can be made either in the skin crease where the breast meets the chest, around the areola, through the navel or at the armpit.
However, in order to keep the scars as conspicuous as possible, armpit incision is preferable. The incisions are closed by stitches.
The doctor may place 2 drainage tubes (thin tubes) under the armpits to allow blood to drain without collecting for 1-2 days. Mammoplasty usually takes one to two hours to perform.
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